Essential Biochemistry for Medicine


يعتبر كتاب Essential Biochemistry for Medicine من أهم وأبسط كتب الكيمياء الحيوية لطلاب الطب، ويتميز الكتاب بمحتواه المبسط جدا حيث لا يتعمق في المادة ويقتصر فقط على ما يهم طالب الطب، كما يوجد فيه بعض المواضيع الطبية التي لا تتضمن عادة في كتب الكيمياء الحيوية فهو بذالك يعتبر همزة وصل بين الكيمياء الحيوية والطب الباطني.

 This text addresses the growing need for a new kind of textbook for medical and biomedical undergraduates that presents a fully integrated approach to biochemistry and medicine, rather than covering biochemistry on a topic by topic basis with a smattering of ‘medical cases’ to demonstrate relevance. The majority of pre-clinical medical students do not need a detailed biochemistry text book, but rather “biochemistry as a basis” or as an “add-on”. The major challenge for them is to integrate biochemical knowledge, to clinical application in the understanding of the etiology of diseases, their diagnosis and treatment.

Essential Biochemistry for Medicine is not intended to be an exhaustive, comprehensive reference; rather a concise, accessible guide that will help first year students, from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, gain a good basic understanding of the biochemistry behind common medical disorders. It integrates biochemistry with clinical applications and the understanding of the etiology of diseases, their diagnosis and treatment. Each chapter includes a concise and simple introduction to the relevant biochemistry and terminology to reinforce what biomedical students have covered, orientate them and encourage them to consider the medical context; whilst at the same time outlining the biochemistry in a simple, “must know” format, for medical students before directing them to the all important clinical considerations.

Key Features:

* A fully integrated approach to give students a basic understanding of the biochemistry behind common medical disorders
* Concise, accessible and well-written with numerous clear illustrations in full colour throughout
* Uses ‘FOCUS’ sections to expand on certain areas such as diabetes, HIV and obesity
* Includes links and quick references for those wanting a broader knowledge of each topic

رابط التحميل المباشر:

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